Thursday, July 3, 2014

Roses are Yellow

In one of my most recent posts I mentioned that I've been preoccupied and not blogging much, furthermore not taking many photos and feeling like I need to get back that touch.

The other day I was pruning my yellow climbing rose and saved all the pretty blossoms for a bouquet. I figured it was time I pulled out the good old picture taker and worked on getting back into the groove. So here we are, a mostly pointless post with pretty pictures of roses.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Taking Stock // 01

I was inspired by a friend to do this. It seems like a way to get creative juices flowing and keep me a little bit more active on the blog again, since I do miss this space so.

Making : a baby!
Cooking : berry desserts, yum.
Drinking : massive quantities of water.
Reading: Little Heathens (it's great!)
Wanting: to be prepared for the little man's arrival, with a decorated nursery and a clean home. 
Looking: at my big boy napping.
Playing: with Jude as much as I possibly can these days.
Wasting: time on Facebook. I feel annoyed when I get on (which is very rarely, actually) and before I know it an hour has gone by. Completely useless.
Wishing: I could eat a steak, right about now.
Enjoying: the little bit of rain that is feeding the garden.
Waiting: for baby's arrival
Liking: the color yellow. It's rubbing me the right way these days.
Wondering: if this little guy inside will have as much hair as Jude and if it will be dark or blond.
Loving: my husband.
Hoping: for an on time delivery and a healthy and happy little man in about two and a half weeks.
Marveling: at the wonders of family.
Needing: to finish our new nursery and wash newborn clothes! Asap.
Smelling: that cool, post-rain, air wafting through my window. 
Wearing: dresses, all day every day. 
Following: the World Cup by default, because... my husband.
Noticing: Jude doesn't look like a baby anymore. 
Knowing: everything will work out.
Thinking: I need a getaway this summer, preferably a hot beach.
Bookmarking: hot beach summer vacation spots.
Opening: the refrigerator, all day.
Giggling: at our spin instructor today, who likes to dance around the room like a spin happy clown.
Feeling: a little nervous about taking care of two littles.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Celebrating A Summer Baby

Last weekend we celebrated Alexis's (Stylelogical) little baby bump with a picnic themed baby shower I put together with my close friend, Stephanie (Domestically Dobson). 

It was a gorgeously sunny afternoon, perfect for an intimate gathering and lots of hearty and tasty food. The sun was great, but I am surprised any of these photographs turned out considering the extreme brightness. Especially since I haven't touched my camera in about six weeks.

Normally I make cakes for parties. Beyond loving baking cakes, it's just a party kind of food. This time I wanted to go for something a little different and stick with the theme, so I opted for a peach pie. It was a great decision since the mama to me was wanting a pie at one of her showers, score!

I also made sliders and we put out some typical picnic sides like watermelon, strawberries and soda. Steph has a great vintage cooler that has it's own bottle top opener. How cool is that?!

I got scraps of fabric from my grandmother's quilting fabric collection that added a little shabby touch on the mason jars and a fun banner topper on the pie. No cake doesn't mean no topper!

We decorated the patio with some vintage chairs for more of that girly, outdoor, shabby feel. The fact that all of the cushions are turquoise was absolute coincidence. 

We had a great time showering Alexis and can't wait to meet her little man come August.